by Carlos Mafla |
Tech Lead

What We Learned At The ScaleConf 2017 Scalability Summit

We had a great time in Medellin, sponsoring ScaleConf 2017. The pioneering tech conference on Scalability, DevOps and Modern Software tools finished on Saturday. We’ve put together our highlights from the events including the slides and quotes from some of our favorite talks. We’re big fans of this event for a few reasons. Firstly, a… [Read entire article]

by JP Stones |
Marketing Strategist

Our Favorite Project Management Tools for Software Development

Jira, Asana and Basecamp have become popular task managers because of their versatility. But when your business belongs to a specific industry with specific needs, a catch-all solution is rarely optimal. Here are 4 vital questions that will help you find the best fit project management tool for your software development team – whether you… [Read entire article]

How to Write an Effective Product Requirements Document

Any aspiring Product Owner looking to build a great software product could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed. A quick Google search turns up a lot of conflicting, dated examples for a product requirements document. People used to follow the Waterfall Model and define everything their software would do at the outset (think bloated Use Cases… [Read entire article]

by JP Stones |
Marketing Strategist

5 Effective Ergonomic Products for a Healthier Workspace in 2017

Working remotely has many perks, but it comes with one glaring disadvantage. Coffee shops, hotel rooms and co-work spaces, the preferred haunts of the remote worker, rarely provide an ergonomic work environment. This has lead to an increase in injuries among the nomadic workforce. I should know, I’ve been part of this workforce for about… [Read entire article]

by JP Stones |
Marketing Strategist

6 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Project Management Tool

The Information Revolution is subjecting today’s workforce to a structural change as significant as its 18th century Industrialization counterpart. While that change was characterized by the organization of labor into factories, the 21st century is seeing the workforce decouple itself geographically from its employers. This change is already upon us. 1 out of 4 Americans… [Read entire article]

by Dan Patrick |
Freelance Architect

How to be a Great Product Owner

At Scalable Path we recommend following the Scrum methodology. Improving this process within the development team is something that is frequently thought about, but it’s also important to consider how a client, who often has the key role of the the Product Owner, can play their part more effectively within the team. MEET THE PRODUCT… [Read entire article]

Scalable Path Makes Inc. 5000 List Of Fastest Growing US Businesses

We’re delighted to announce that Inc. magazine just ranked Scalable Path number 2044 on the latest Inc. 5000 – the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. This accolade shows the progress Scalable Path, which connects businesses with the best remote developers and designers in the world, has achieved in just a few… [Read entire article]

by Chris Miller |
Freelance Architect

Functional vs Procedural JavaScript

So, I hate JavaScript. Well at least I used to; because I misunderstood it. Before JavaScript, I was mostly a .NET and PHP guy and approached JS the wrong way. Here is why. There are two major programming paradigms: Procedural Programming, which is based on concepts of procedure-call-like routines and subroutines and Functional Programming, which… [Read entire article]

by David Alsbury |
Freelance Architect

Six Tips for Success with Scrum

To those in the trenches getting their hands dirty writing code and implementing, designing, and engineering real-world software, smooth and painless development projects often seem like unicorns: Rarely heard of and more rarely seen. Given how often we tend to hear of or are directly involved in software development projects that run into problems, we… [Read entire article]