by Andres Canal |
Senior Developer

Why You Should Embrace Continuous Integration

We’ve all been there: you clone a repository, run your project and… nothing happens. Well, nothing but a series of errors; from missing files to compiler warnings. You seek some advice and ask your co-worker: “I just cloned the repo, but nothing seems to work and the readme file is blank. Do you know what’s… [Read entire article]

by Aris Papadopoulos |
Android Software Engineer

What We Learned at Barcelona’s 4YFN 2018 Event

Earlier this week, Scalable Path developer Aris Papadopoulos attended the 4YFN (or 4 Years From Now) conference. The Barcelona event, now in its 5th year, targets the mobile tech and startup crowd. Over 19,000 attendees and 600 startups attended this year’s 3-day event. Leading speakers from companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft contributed to an array… [Read entire article]

How to Get Started with Your Remote Developer

Staff onboarding programs have become common practice; both in large corporations and time-starved startups. The reason for this is pretty straightforward: they have a positive effect on job satisfaction, performance, stress and retention. In other words: they work. Yet, onboarding practices for remote teams are often close to non-existent. This results in many remote developers being… [Read entire article]

by Andres Canal |
Senior Developer

Using Quill.js To Build A WYSIWYG Editor For Your Website

Remember how basic the Facebook status update used to be?  Now, that same space contains an array of sophisticated text styling options that let users fully express what’s on their minds. This evolution has been driven by rich-text editors like Quill, which allow visitors to fully customise their content: from embedding photos and videos to adding emoticons. In this… [Read entire article]

by Rafael Carvalho |
Senior Developer

Single Page Applications: When and Why You Should Use Them

Selecting the correct technology stack can make or break a project. Sometimes, the desire to use the next ‘hot’ technology leads stakeholders (both technical and non-technical) to make unwise decisions in this department.  Twitter is a high profile example of this phenomenon. In 2010, the social giant shipped a new Single Page Application (SPA) architecture that… [Read entire article]

by Rodrigo Webler |
Tech Lead

What We Learned at Rio Sul Valley Dev Summit 2017

This weekend was an exciting one for us here at Scalable Path. On Saturday, November 25th, 2017 a few of our developers took part in the Rio Sul Valley Dev Summit in Brazil. The Rio Sul Valley initiative is a project by a network of professionals, startups, and third sector organizations who want to integrate Silicon Valley innovation… [Read entire article]

Why a Remote Workforce is a Good Idea for Business

The remote workforce revolution is redefining the relationship between businesses and their employees. According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, the number of people working remotely more than four days a week rose from 24 percent to 31 percent between 2012 and 2016. It is now estimated that within the next 3 years, over… [Read entire article]