by Brei Barron |
Freelance Talent Specialist

A Guide to Writing Job Descriptions to Attract Remote Freelancers

In a rapidly growing freelance industry, job descriptions are still the best way to find the right candidate. It’s how you write them that has changed. The first step to writing a good job description (or JD for short) is understanding your target audience. Job boards have become relics of the past. The best freelancers no… [Read entire article]

by Andres Canal |
Senior Developer

Dependency Managers: Switching Between Cocoapods and Carthage

These days, developers that write all their own code are rare, and with good reason. Why reinvent the wheel when you can find well written, and well supported, third-party libraries that will help build products faster? In fact, we just wrote an article describing our own process for evaluating third-party libraries. Inserting other people’s code into your… [Read entire article]

by Christi Tidwell |

Building a Common Language for Designers and Developers

Imagine you’re on a call, discussing the latest app designs when you notice that not everyone is working from the latest design file you sent. Their version has different color buttons and the wrong copy. “Wait a minute, let me resend it” you say, and open your ‘Mocks’ folder. In it, you’re greeted by a… [Read entire article]

by Rafael Carvalho |
Senior Developer

How To Get Started With Docker On Windows

Applications are being built, shipped and updated at an increasingly fast pace. This trend has generated interest in solutions that will help facilitate this complex process. The result is a flood of new methodologies and tools into the DevOps space. In this article, I will focus on one of these tools: Docker. More specifically, Docker on… [Read entire article]