How Odaptos Shipped Their MVP in Record Time with Support from Scalable Path

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Odaptos is an AI platform that helps companies better understand user experience through custom user journeys, natural language analysis and facial recognition. As an early-stage startup, Odaptos needed developers to help turn the founders’ vision into an MVP that could be tested and launched. Their goal was to build a high-quality MVP that would help secure investment and also garner attention from media.

Here’s how Odaptos worked with Scalable Path to find, evaluate, and hire the right developers to build a successful MVP in just four months.

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Odaptos: Helping Companies Design Better Products through Qualitative User Interviews

Odaptos simplifies the process of usability testing, making it more efficient and accessible for businesses. “Many digital products are created without considering users’ opinions, often due to cost and time constraints,” said Felipe Restrepo, Co-founder and CEO of Odaptos. Qualitative interviews, however, provide valuable big data that can inform the creation of products that resonate with people.

As a product designer, Felipe knows the importance of a user’s emotional response to a product and aims to provide companies with the tools they need to understand these emotions and experiences. Through Odaptos, Felipe and his co-founder Maximilien Joannides aim to help businesses design products that meet user needs and wants.

Odaptos analyzes a user’s emotions using video interviews in real time, providing businesses with valuable insights into customer experiences. These insights can help companies address pain points early on, improve product design, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

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The Challenge: Sourcing High-Quality Developers to Build an MVP

Odaptos faced a common challenge for growing startups: scaling their team. To address this, they sought support from Scalable Path in finding a small team of talented engineers to help them validate their designs, build and test an MVP, and determine product requirements.

The Project: Building the MVP for Odaptos’ Usability Browser

Odaptos aimed to bring their vision of AI usability testing to life by developing a web application – a usability browser. 

The usability browser would be a platform for customers to conduct video interviews, access their personal dashboards, tasks and project details, and review comprehensive analytics reports in real time. 

To achieve this, Odaptos required a talented team of engineers with expertise in React, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The engineers needed to be able to hit the ground running and work efficiently to bring the product to market as quickly as possible. Here’s a closer look at the featured developers Odaptos hired, including their expertise and why they were the right fit for the project.

Partnering with Scalable Path to Streamline Hiring  

Odaptos reached out to Scalable Path to address their hiring challenges, recognizing that a company experienced in defining technical roles and sourcing flexible, qualified talent would help them bring on capable developers and ramp up quickly. Scalable Path’s in-depth and personalized hiring service provided the solution they required.

Defining Project Scope and Talent Requirements

A meeting with a Scalable Path Software Architect helped Odaptos define the project scope and the technology stack. This collaborative process allowed Odaptos to clearly determine their next steps and hire accordingly. “When you hire, you’re taking a risk, so you want to find the right fit. But with Scalable Path, you can leave it to the experts,” said Felipe. 

Access to Skilled and Flexible Software Developers

Odaptos gained access to a network of over 26,000 developer profiles and was able to review and interview pre-vetted candidates matched to their specific project needs. This streamlined the hiring process for the startup.

Scalable Path introduced Odaptos to highly skilled professionals who were open to working on a temporary, project-based, or contract basis. Remote freelance developers provided Odaptos with the flexibility to scale the team according to the project, allowing for incremental hiring and responding to specific challenges as needed, rather than cementing new staff onto the team as traditional hiring would. 

Quote from Odaptos CEO, Felipe Lebrun about their experience with Scalable Path.

Evaluating, Hiring, and Onboarding Skilled Software Developers

Scalable Path’s recruiting experts spent 10-20 hours sourcing and interviewing qualified candidates for the project, presenting only the top candidates with the required expertise to the Odaptos team. This support allowed Odaptos to make more objective and well-informed decisions and provided an extra level of confidence in scaling their team.

Hiring Qualified Full-Stack and Front-End Software Developers

Scalable Path successfully assisted Odaptos in finding highly qualified software developers with a proven track record in building web-based MVPs.

Featured Scalable Path developers, Sateesh and Timon were integral parts of Odaptos' team and MVP success.

Sateesh is a highly skilled lead developer who has been an integral part of Odaptos’ team for nearly two years. With his extensive knowledge and expertise in JavaScript, DevOps, and front-end development, he has consistently excelled in managing multiple tasks and responsibilities. Being based in Latin America, Sateesh’s ability to work effectively across different time zones has been a valuable asset to the team. His dedication and commitment to delivering high-quality work have made him an invaluable member of Odaptos’ development team.

Another valuable addition to Odaptos’ team is Timon, a front-end Node.js and React developer from Eastern Europe. His specialized skills in Electron were instrumental in developing the front-end of the project’s usability browser and data visualization. Timon worked on the project for approximately eight months and made significant contributions to its success.

The Results

Odaptos was able to define roles with Scalable Path, onboard and quickly begin productive work with their newly hired developers in less than three weeks. Quickly scaling the team with specialized, flexible talent provided added support for Odaptos to build a successful MVP in just four months. Since then, the company has achieved various milestones such as winning international awards like the CES Innovation Award, participating in accelerated programs worldwide and raising 1.2 million dollars. They credit their success to a variety of factors, including the technical support from Scalable Path, the efficient hiring process and the quality and expertise of developers who worked on the project.

Originally published on May 16, 2023Last updated on May 16, 2023

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