Why Recruiting is Broken: AI & Automation in the Hiring Processes

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Damien Filiatrault
Founder & CEO
Originally published on May 30, 2023Last updated on Jun 7, 2023

Key Takeaways

How AI is used in recruitment?

AI tools aim to fix the problem of sifting through large quantities of resumes and CVs. These tools are being used to solve this hiring problem rather than looking at key foundational issues like how to attract high-quality candidates.

Is AI good for recruitment?

AI can improve the recruiting process by automating tasks like filtering candidates and scheduling interviews, as well as assisting with skill assessment and creating interview questions. However, it's crucial to combine AI with a human review to consider intangible qualities and maintain a balanced and effective recruitment process.

What are the issues with using AI for hiring?

Automation and AI-based technologies promise to revolutionize the hiring process by simplifying how candidate are identifed and evaluated. But there are some issues that AI tools are not able to solve:
-AI Tools Exacerbate Existing Bias in Hiring
-Leaders Lack Transparency Into how AI Tools Make Decisions
-Depersonalization and Loss of Human Touch