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Data Scientist Job Description Template

Data is the new oil, as it can be highly valuable but only after processing. As a relatively new trade, data scientists are a scarce resource and finding a strong one can be challenging. We have interviewed hundreds of data scientists and know exactly how to find the best among them. If you need a data scientist for your project, you can use the following job description template, or better yet, click below and let us take care of finding one for you!

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Job Description Template for a Data Scientist

Be concise. Be real. Be clear. Over the past 11 years, we’ve developed a job description template that includes the most common elements you need to communicate your requirements and attract capable Data Scientists.

Job Description

Senior Data Scientist

Time Commitment


Start date

As soon as possible



Client Country & Time Zone

United States

America/Los Angeles

Meeting time

9:00 am

Client company description

The client is an interesting startup in the clean technology space. They are building an application for water conservation that provides industrial facilities with data on water usage and recommendations to reduce consumption.


You will be creating predictive ML models to power their application.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Work closely with the internal development team to understand their current pain points
- Advise on what sort of predictions can be made based on the data they are already collecting
- Recommend language and tech stack (Python, etc.)
- Provide visualizations and reports to senior management (likely using BI tools)

The client plans to use Jira for task management and Slack for daily communication.
Github will be used for source control.

Skill level
Data Analysis
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
Skill level:Proficient
Importance:Must have
Machine Learning
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
Skill level:Proficient
Importance:Must have
English Proficiency
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have

Relationships: Who you’ll be working with

You will be reporting to the Head of Product who is managing the project. You’ll also be interacting with their existing development team.

Preferred Regions

The client's preference is for candidates to be located in Latin America, Canada or Europe


The client would prefer to have someone work full-time on the project but is open to candidates who are a great fit and have at least 20 hours/week.

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