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Job Description Template

Finding a designer is easy, but finding one that truly understands modern application design and tooling and how to provide the best experience for your users isn’t. We have been perfecting this craft for 11+ years, so you don't have to. You can use the following template as a guide, or better yet, click below and let us take care of it for you!

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Job Description Template

Be concise. Be real. Be clear. Over the past 11 years, we’ve developed a job description template that includes the most common elements you need to communicate your requirements and attract capable UI/UX designers.

Job Description

Senior UI/UX Designer

Time Commitment
Start date
As soon as possible
Client Country & Timezone
United StatesAmerica/Los Angeles
Meeting time
10:00 am
Client company description
The client is an established US company that provides employee training solutions.
Duties and Responsibilities
You will be working on improving the purchasing experience on the client’s customer-facing web application.

Key Tasks:
- Interview key stakeholders/users
- Perform usability testing
- Make recommendations related to UX based on user testing and heuristics
- Create new flows and wireframes for the team to implement using Adobe XD and Figma for collaboration

The client uses Trello for task management and Slack for daily communication.
Skill level
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
UI/UX Design
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
Adobe XD
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
English Proficiency
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
Skill level:Proficient
Importance:Strongly preferred
Skill level:Proficient
Importance:Strongly preferred
Relationships: Who you’ll be working with
You will be reporting to the Head of Product and Chief Revenue Officer.
Preferred Regions
The client's preference is for candidates to be located in Latin America or Canada

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