What is Preact? A Fast and Lightweight React Alternative

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Choosing Preact for Web app development
Originally published on Jan 23, 2023Last updated on Jan 4, 2024

Key Takeaways

What is Preact?

Preact is a JavaScript library designed to be a more efficient and compact option than React. It’s also compatible with React, allowing developers to upgrade from an MVP to a full React application if required. Preact’s small size (3KB) enables quick transfers from server to client and optimizes load times. It also provides a compatibility layer with React, making it easy for developers to incorporate into their current applications to improve performance.

Is Preact better than React?

The best choice between Preact and React depends on the requirements of your project. Preact is a great option for projects that prioritize speed and optimization, as it features a smaller bundle size and a faster virtual DOM. On the other hand, React is a better fit for more intricate projects, as its API is more feature-rich and flexible. When choosing between the two, it's important to consider the specific needs of your project.

What is different between React and Preact?

React and Preact are JavaScript libraries used for creating user interfaces. Both use a virtual DOM, but there are some key distinctions between them. For instance, React offers a more feature-rich and flexible API, whereas Preact has a smaller bundle size and faster virtual DOM implementation, making it better suited for certain types of projects.

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