Choosing Between Context API and Redux in React: A Practical Guide

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Originally published on Aug 22, 2022Last updated on Mar 5, 2024

Key Takeaways

Is Context API faster than Redux?

In terms of response time, Context API and Redux are about the same speed since their packages only differ by about 2 kilobytes in size. Both frameworks have a similar speed, making both viable choices for performance-sensitive web applications.

Will context API replace Redux?

Both frameworks have use cases that they excel at. Context API provides a strong set of features, making it a competitive choice compared to Redux. Although Context API provides a large set of desirable functionalities, there are still some situations where Redux is better suited as a solution.

When should I use context API?

Context API works best for situations where a lightweight solution is desirable. Context API is also well suited for use cases that involve passing data from a parent to a deeply nested child. Context API provides a scalable and simple framework, making it a great way to implement shared data between components.

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