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QA Engineer Job Description Template

Having the right person taking good care of the quality level of your project is key to success. We have placed QA Engineers for many clients and would love to contribute to you as well. Feel free to use our job description template or click the button below and let’s work together on finding the best fit for your project!

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Job Description Template for a QA Engineer

Be concise. Be real. Be clear. Over the past 11 years, we’ve developed a job description template that includes the most common elements you need to communicate your requirements and attract capable QA Engineers.

Job Description

Senior QA Engineer

Time Commitment


Start date

As soon as possible



Client Country & Time Zone

United States

America/New York

Meeting time

9:00 am

Client company description

The client is a healthcare company currently in the process of migrating from a legacy system written in Java to a modern JavaScript-based tech stack.

Expected contract duration: 12+ months

There is the possibility for this engagement to last longer if things go well.


A client of Scalable Path's is looking for a Senior QA Engineer to design and execute tests on two key products.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Understand software requirements by reading documentation and communicating with the product team
- Prepare test plans
- Execute tests on both customer-facing and internal operations products.
- Analyze and classify issues with respect to bugs, database impacts, and usability
- Prepare detailed reports and communicate with the product and engineering teams.
- Log defects and track them from creation to closure.
- Participating in design reviews and providing input on requirements, product design, and potential problems.

The client plans to use Jira for task management and Slack for daily communication.

Skill level
Manual QA
Skill level:Master
Importance:Must have
Skill level:Proficient
Importance:Must have
Cross-Browser Testing
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
Skill level:Proficient
Importance:Strongly preferred
Agile Methodology
Skill level:Proficient
Importance:Strongly preferred
Automated Testing
Skill level:Proficient
Importance:Nice to have

Relationships: Who you’ll be working with

You will work with a team of 2 Full-stack Developers, a Technical Leader, and 2 Product Managers.

Preferred Regions

The client's preference is for candidates to be located in Latin America or Canada

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