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While PHP powers the majority of sites on the web, many PHP developers have moved on to other languages making it an increasingly hard role to hire for. We have been sourcing and vetting PHP developers for 11 years and know exactly how to write a job post that catches their attention. Use this job description template or click the button below and let’s start collaborating on your next hire!

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Job Description Template for a PHP developer

Be concise. Be real. Be clear. Over the past 11 years, we’ve developed a job description template that includes the most common elements you need to communicate your requirements and attract capable PHP developers.

Job Description

Senior PHP Developer

Time Commitment


Start date

As soon as possible



Client Country & Timezone

United States

America/Los Angeles

Meeting time

9:00 am

Client company description

The client is a company with 10 years of experience building software tools for HR departments. They are now looking to migrate their existing Payroll Application to a more modern stack.

Expected contract duration: 3-6 months

It is likely that they will need someone long-term beyond that to maintain and extend the application.

Duties and Responsibilities

You will be collaborating with the back-end team with migrating their existing Payroll app to a modern PHP stack.

Key Tasks:
- Migrate our existing payroll API from Java to PHP
- Recommend a PHP framework (e.g. Symfony or Laravel) supporting libraries
- Set up automated deployment and CI/CD
- Optimize SQL queries that currently have performance issues
- Implement logging and monitoring tools to run health checks
- Create and write a suite of automated tests
- Coach the existing developers on the new tech stack and processes

The client uses Jira for task management and Slack for daily communication.
GitLab will be used for source control.

Skill level
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
Skill level:Proficient
Importance:Must have
Skill level:Proficient
Importance:Must have
Continuous Integration
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
English Proficiency
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
Skill level:Familiar
Importance:Strongly preferred

Relationships: Who you’ll be working with

You will be reporting to the CTO who is managing the project and you will also be working with a Front-end Developer and Back-end Developer.

Preferred Regions

The client's preference is for candidates to be located in Latin America, Canada, Europe, Asia, Asia, Asia, Asia, Asia, Asia, Asia, Asia or Asia


The client is flexible on the geographic location of the developer. Could be Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc.

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