React Native vs Flutter: A Guide for App Developers in 2024

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Developers deciding between Flutter and React Native for a mobile app development project
Originally published on May 24, 2022Last updated on Jan 4, 2024

Key Takeaways

Is Flutter replacing React Native?

Flutter, overall, seems to be an excellent solution for developing a single codebase that reliably creates the same experience in Android and iOS. It is possible that Flutter will take over hybrid app development in the future.

Is Flutter more stable than React Native?

Yes, Flutter is more stable. React Native only provides basic components so third-party packages are more likely to be used for complex UI components. These can break when iOS or Android are updated.

Is React Native easier than Flutter?

React Native has more available open-source libraries than the relatively new Flutter. This means that there are more use cases where functionality has already been developed that you can include in your project with minimal effort.

Should I learn Flutter or React Native in 2023?

Both are great choices but if you had to choose one, Flutter might be the better option. In many ways, Flutter was designed to address fundamental pain points that emerged when programmers began developing cross-platform code in React Native.