Is Java Still Used and Relevant in 2024?

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Originally published on Sep 1, 2021Last updated on Jan 4, 2024

Key Takeaways

Is Java still used today?

Java is still used today and remains relevant in the modern world of web development. Moreover, Java is still the most heavily used language in the financial enterprise world. This includes banking institutions, insurers, stock markets, and other types of financial firms.

Is it worth learning Java in 2023?

If your goal is to build web applications that are naturally reliable and scalable, Java is a good choice. From a technical point of view, Java outperforms Python and Ruby in benchmarks and is architecturally more inclined towards parallelism, and multithreading in particular.

Are Java developers in demand in 2023?

Java has been shown to be just as active as Python for remote work, exhibiting an equivalent talent supply and demand. Also, from a financial perspective, Java’s salaries are in line with all of its dynamic language competitors.