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Front-end Developer Job Description Template

Front-end is one of the most dynamic specialties in software development, which makes finding the right developers quite hard. We have interviewed hundreds of Front-end developers and know how to find the best among them. If you need one for your project you can use the following job description template, or better yet, click below and let us take care of it for you!

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Job Description Template for a Front-end developer

Be concise. Be real. Be clear. Over the past 11 years, we’ve developed a job description template that includes the most common elements you need to communicate your requirements and attract capable Front-end developers.

Job Description

Senior Front-end Developer

Time Commitment


Start date

As soon as possible



Client Country & Time Zone

United States


Meeting time

8:00 am

Client company description

The client is a startup in the agriculture space who is building a SaaS web application that helps users with crop and field management. They are a small, fast-growing, remote team of 10 people and have received their first round of funding to build and launch a full-fledged version of their product.

Expected contract duration: 6-12 months

It is likely that they will need someone long-term beyond that to maintain and extend the application.


You will be leading the front-end development of a new consumer-facing web dashboard for monitoring watering and fertilizing routines. Data and images are collected through the use of SDKs in Drones that operate over the fields.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Help make decisions about the frontend tech stack/architecture and implementation
- Taking Figma designs from designers and turning them into pixel-perfect HTML and CSS
- Suggesting UI solutions where gaps exist in the designs provided
- Writing automated tests

The client plans to use PivotalTracker for task management and Slack for daily communication.
Github will be used for source control.

Skill level
Skill level:Master
Importance:Must have
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
English Proficiency
Skill level:Expert
Importance:Must have
Skill level:Proficient
Importance:Strongly preferred
Tailwind CSS
Skill level:Familiar
Importance:Strongly preferred
Skill level:Familiar
Importance:Nice to have

Relationships: Who you’ll be working with

You will be reporting to a Senior Tech Lead who is managing the project. You’ll also be interacting with a designer and a Backend Developer.

Preferred Regions

The client's preference is for candidates to be located in Latin America or Canada


The client is flexible on the geographic location of the developer. Could be Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc.

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