Scalable Path Educational Program

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At Scalable Path, two of our core values are continuous learning and empowering others. One way we work toward this goal is by contributing to our freelancers’ professional growth.

How It Works 

Our educational program reimburses Scalable Path freelancers for expenses that contribute to their professional development. For every hour you work, you will receive one credit equal to 10 cents ($0.10 USD). In an average year, a developer working full-time works about 2,000 hours ($200 USD in credits). You can visit to see your current available credits.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the program, freelancers must be actively working on a Scalable Path project or have worked on one within the last 90 days. You must be working directly with Scalable Path (not through another agency) to be eligible. Requests for reimbursement must be reported within 30 days of the expense. It’s best to get an expense approved beforehand.


Do my credits expire? 

Credits expire three years from the day they were earned. So if you’re currently an active freelancer and have been working for Scalable Path for more than three years, only your last three years of work can be used for credits.

How can I spend my credits?

The only requirement for spending your credits is that it contributes to your professional growth. Once you’ve completed your educational program, simply send us proof of completion (e.g. receipt, certificate, transcript, etc.) and we’ll include the reimbursement in your next payment.

What are some examples of educational programs I could take?

Scalable Path freelancers take a range of classes and online courses. For example, courses to sharpen your programming skills, learn a new language, or manage technical projects are all eligible for reimbursement. If you’re not sure whether an educational expense is covered, it’s a good idea to check with us before you start. In rare cases, Scalable Path may reject an educational expense if we deem it ineligible.

If you need some guidance choosing a good educational platform or program, we wrote an article about online learning platforms and resources for developers.

What happens if I stop working at Scalable Path?

If you get released from a project or decide to stop working as a Scalable Path freelancer, you will have 90 days to use your credits before they expire. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Scalable Path educational program?

You can visit to see your current available credits. Email to use your credits or ask if a certain expense is covered.

Originally published on Jan 26, 2022Last updated on Jan 17, 2024