2 Project Management Approaches

There are two popular approaches to project management: The Waterfall Method and the Agile Method. Project managers of web development companies have discussed which school of thought is better, but the truth is that one method may be better than another in certain situations and vice-versa. Elements of these two approaches can be combined and used for optimal performance. Here we will  explain the difference and show common ways to use each of these two approaches.


As the classic approach to project management, the stages of this method are always in the same order: Analysis – Design – Coding – Testing – Deployment This process should be used for a client who would like documentation of every step along the way and for very detailed projects which require a lot of documentation. This does not mean that mixing elements from the Agile approach is off limits, but rather that the Waterfall Method should be the base on which the project is managed.


This process concentrates on releasing the final product quickly and is more lenient with changes along the way. It requires collaboration and reorganization throughout the course of the project. An appropriate time to use this form of project management would be when a client needs their end product on the market quickly. After choosing Agile or the Waterfall as a main philosophy, it is preferable to introduce a few elements from the other school of thought to keep the project well-organized and up-to-date.