Five Features That Make Kotlin a Better Language Than Java [From a Java Developer]

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Originally published on Sep 17, 2021Last updated on Mar 13, 2024

Key Takeaways

Is Kotlin better than Java?

Today, many developers are opting for Kotlin over Java for new Android apps. Kotlin is an official supported language by Google, and offers many attractive features. It also has a strong community and comes with extensive documentation. Even though integrating Kotlin requires some minor steps, its advantages outweigh any drawbacks.

Is Kotlin going to replace Java?

While Kotlin likely won’t replace Java completely, it is often preferable for new Android apps. Kotlin is an Android-specific programming language inspired by Java and offers developers a streamlined coding experience with its concise syntax. However, developers may still opt for Java for client-side and web applications.

Is Kotlin only used for Android?

While Kotlin is typically used for Android apps, it is a versatile language that’s suitable for a wide range of development tasks. This includes server-side and client-side web. What’s more, Kotlin/Native is in development, meaning that support for other platforms - like embedded systems, macOS, and iOS - are coming.

Is Kotlin an OOP language?

Kotlin incorporates both object-oriented and functional programming features. It offers flexibility, allowing developers to utilize it in both object-oriented and functional programming paradigms, or blend elements from both. With robust support for concepts like higher-order functions, function types, and lambdas, Kotlin is an excellent option for those engaging in or exploring functional programming.