What is Svelte? And How it Impacts JavaScript

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Originally published on Jul 15, 2021Last updated on Aug 29, 2023

Key Takeaways

What is Svelte JavaScript used for?

Svelte is a modern JavaScript framework primarily used to build static web applications. Svelte excels at building single, reusable components for projects of any kind. Svelte is ideal for building applications where speed is an essential component, as it provides highly optimized code due to its compilation step.

Is Svelte better than React?

Svelte provides different benefits when compared to React. Both frameworks excel at creating interactive applications for web applications. Svelte focuses on shifting work to the compilation step, making it generally faster than most other frameworks. Svelte also provides more precise DOM changes, allowing for more efficient use of resources and time.

Is Svelte good for big projects?

Svelte is a framework designed to be easily approachable when compared to other frameworks like React. In addition, Svelte focuses on providing efficient and optimized code, providing great overall performance. With large applications, optimization is an essential part of the development process, making Svelte a great choice for these types of projects.

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