contractor FAQ

Answers to questions about working with Scalable Path as a freelancer.

How Scalable Path Works

  1. What are the prerequisites of becoming a Scalable Path freelancer?

    In case you missed it on our JOBS page, we have 6 basic prerequisites for our remote contractors:
    - Strong spoken and written English.
    - A fast, reliable computer and internet connection.
    - Willingness to adjust to clients’ working schedules.
    - High quality work.
    - A positive, professional attitude.
    - Effort towards consistent improvement.

  2. How can I apply to work as a freelancer for Scalable Path?

    It’s easy! You can begin by applying as a freelancer and completing your profile:
    - Profile Basics: The practical details that help us know you better and allow us to get in touch easily
    - Areas of Expertise: Helps us to categorize your profile according to your greatest strengths
    - Skills: Used in our searches to match you up with relevant roles
    - Education: Let us know if you went to school, took online courses, or were self-taught
    - Profile Details: Adding info about GitHub, LinkedIn, and more helps to speed along the vetting process
    - Work Samples: Allows us, and potential clients, to see the style and quality of your work and increases your chances of being invited to an interview
    - Video: Helps us to see your personality and communication style, both of which are very important when working in remote teams
    - Quizzes (e.g. English): let’s us know that your knowledge and skills are at a basic level to warrant an interview

    As soon as you complete your profile, you are eligible to receive invitations to apply for roles that match your skills, experience, and timezone.

    For more details on our screening process please see How do you screen freelancers?.

  3. I just signed up as a freelancer with Scalable Path. What next?

    The most important thing for you to do is make sure that all sections of your profile is complete and accurate. Because the Scalable Path team hand selects the most appropriate candidates for every project, completing your profile (especially the Skills section) will increase your chance of being invited to apply for a project.

    Once you have done this, the ball is in our court to get in touch with you if we have a client that needs someone with your skills. As soon as we have found a role that fits your skills, we will contact you to see if you are interested. The vetting process begins after you have applied for the role.

  4. How does the vetting process work?

    The vetting process begins with a first look at your profile and goes more in-depth once you have applied for a role. Here's how it works:

    1) Profile: You are responsible for fully completing your Scalable Path profile. The more complete your profile is, the higher your chances are of being invited to a role.

    2) Invitation & Application: Once your profile is complete, you may be invited to apply for roles that match up with the "Skills" section of your profile and your timezone. If the role is interesting to you then you can apply. When you apply for a specific question, you will likely be asked to answer a limited number of questions in writing on the application form. You may also be asked to take a quiz to validate your knowledge.

    3) First Internal Interview: If your application is thorough and relevant to the role, you may be invited to your first interview with the Scalable Path recruiting team. This first interview helps us get to know you better - we'll discuss your work experience and how it is relevant to this specific role.

    4) Second Internal Interview: If you pass the first interview, there is a second interview conducted by a member of our technical team. In this meeting, you will be asked about the uses of specific technologies and may be required to do a small coding challenge during a screen sharing exercise.

    5) Client Presentation & Client Interviews: If you pass the internal vetting process, you may be selected to be presented to the client. If you are presented, the client will be able to see your public profile, compare it against other candidates, and request interviews. Each client has their own approach to the interview process, so further instructions will be provided to you prior to this event.

  5. Can I update my profile with new skills, portfolio examples, etc.?

    Absolutely! You can update your skills as you acquire them and add new projects or profile details at any time by logging into your account and visiting your profile. Keeping your profile updated is the best way to increase your likelihood of being invited to apply for roles.

  6. Can an Agency apply to work with Scalable Path?

    While we prefer working with individual freelancers, we do on occasion, accept agencies into our network. Each agency application will be judged on its individual merits. You can start the process by completing our Agency Application form.

Getting Started on a Project

  1. How do I apply for a project?

    Scalable Path does not let freelancers bid for projects. Instead we hand select the most appropriate candidates for each project according to their skills, experience, and availability.

    Once you have been invited to a role, you will receive a link that allows you to log in to apply for the position. For more details on the application and screening process, please see How does the Vetting Process Work?

  2. I haven’t been selected for any projects yet, what can I do?

    To increase your chance of selection, please make sure your entire profile is complete and up to date. Your Self-Description and Video should not just demonstrate your experience but your personality and attitude as well. Our recruiting team will consider these factors along with your skills and location when matching you with a project. For more details on how and why to complete your profile, please see How can I apply to work as a freelancer for Scalable Path?

    Please keep in mind that most of our clients are in the US and are looking for contractors that have significant time overlap with their working hours. For this reason, candidates in North, Central, or South America you may receive invitations more often than candidates on other continents.

  3. I’m currently on a project outside of Scalable Path and don’t want to receive invitations right now. What do I do?

    The first thing to do is to update your availability on your Scalable Path Dashboard to “Not Available”. However, if you have already done this, you may have noticed that we will occasionally send out an invite anyways - this is to ensure you do not miss any opportunities if you have forgotten to switch your availability back to “Available Full-Time” or “Available Part-Time”.

    If you no longer want to be notified of new roles that match your profile, you can stop these emails by going to your Dashboard and selecting “Edit Communication Preferences” in the dropdown menu. If you discontinue these emails, please remember to edit your preferences again when you become available.


  1. How and when do I get paid?

    We thought you would never ask! We pay monthly for all work completed, submitted and approved from the previous month. We have 30 days to pay, so payments are typically initiated on or around the 20th of the month so that the payment reaches you in time.

    Payments are typically made via ACH or wire transfer from our bank (Bank of America). These transfers can be made to nearly any international bank, so it is likely that you will be able to deposit your payment into your current bank account wherever you are. We cover our bank’s wire transfer fees, but we cannot control or cover any transaction or foreign exchange fees that your bank may charge you.