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7 Qualities That Differentiate a Great Programmer from a Good Programmer

The best developers don’t just write solid code but have important intangible traits that set them apart from the rest.

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Damien Filiatrault
Founder & CEO

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Project Management

How to Write Technical Documentation for Software Projects

There are many types of documentation in the software world. Of these, technical documentation is one of the most frequently neglected. The fast-paced nature of the industry leads to the conception that time spent documenting is time lost developing and delivering features. Over time, a development team’s documentation debt (a type of technical debt) can build to a point where the idea of tackling it…...

Trevor Wencl
Software Architect

The Cost of Hiring Pre-vetted Software Developers in Latin America

Latin America has entered the global competition of technical talent in recent years and for good reason. With thriving tech industries, large talent pools and proximity to the US, the region offers many benefits for those looking to extend their software teams....

Damien Filiatrault
Founder & CEO

How to Hire a Software Developer: A Complete Guide

The demand for freelance software developers is at an all-time high, making it especially difficult to find and hire the best people right now. Needless to say, getting the right people onto your team is a necessary challenge, and it all boils down to the effectiveness of your hiring strategy.

Osiris Villa
Talent Specialist

Is Svelte the Future of JavaScript Frameworks?

Over the years, JavaScript development has gone through several paradigms: from raw AJAX in vanilla JS to a long reign of event-driven frameworks such as jQuery and Mootools, to the current state-driven approach of the current champions such as React, Vue, and Angular.  But in an era where everyone is looking at performance, accessibility, and developer experience, there’s a new contender that promises to deliver…

Facundo Corradini
Senior Developer

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