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"Daniel’s skills and attitude have been such a great fit for the organization. He immediately felt like part of the team."

Justin Knecht
Executive Director, Product Experience
Luma Institute

"Nacho brings top-notch coding and leadership that allowed us to improve our development processes."

Brian Spitz
CoFounder, StoryFire

"Julian hit the ground running with our Rails app. He's been a solid asset to the team."

Jason van den Brand
CEO, Lenda

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  • 19 May 2020

    How to Write an Effective Product Requirements Document

    Any aspiring Product Owner looking to build a great software product could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed. A quick Google search turns up a lot of conflicting, dated examples for a product requirements document. People used to follow the Waterfall Model and define everything their software would do at the outset (think bloated Use Cases and UML diagrams).

    Development, Productivity, Project Management, Agile, Product Owner, Product Requirements Document, Sitemaps, Software, User Personas, User Stories, Waterfall, Wireframes read more
  • 4 May 2020

    Understanding Bias in Machine Learning

    Software Engineer

    As artificial intelligence, or AI, increasingly becomes a part of our everyday lives, the need for understanding the systems behind this technology as well as their failings, becomes equally important. It’s simply not acceptable to write AI off as a foolproof black box that outputs sage advice. In reality, AI can be as flawed as its creators, leading to negative outcomes in the real world for real people. Because of this, understanding and mitigating bias in machine learning (ML) is a responsibility the industry must take seriously.

    Development, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning read more
  • 7 Apr 2020

    React Native vs Native for Mobile App Development

    Senior Developer

    Mobile applications have traditionally been written in native languages. Lately, however, hybrid cross-platform frameworks have been gaining market share. The recent swell of React Native’s popularity has raised the question: should developers use React Native for mobile development instead of full native?

    Development, Mobile, Uncategorized, Cross-platform frameworks, Mobile App Development, Native, React Native read more
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