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"Daniel’s skills and attitude have been such a great fit for the organization. He immediately felt like part of the team."

Justin Knecht
Executive Director, Product Experience
Luma Institute

"Nacho brings top-notch coding and leadership that allowed us to improve our development processes."

Brian Spitz
CoFounder, StoryFire

"Julian hit the ground running with our Rails app. He's been a solid asset to the team."

Jason van den Brand
CEO, Lenda

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  • 2 Mar 2020

    The Difference Between UX and UI Design and Why it Matters

    Product Designer

    Throughout my career working as a UX/UI designer, it has been a challenge to explain my profession to non-tech people. There are two reasons for this. For one, it can be difficult to explain because there is a common misconception that software is only made by engineers, and so, the role of a designer is relegated to digital marketing and aesthetics. The second reason is that the concept of UX/UI design is an ongoing conundrum. It’s not widely understood that this term is two roles intertwined, both with very different and equally important functions for building a successful product. This is generally because UX and UI design fall into the category of jobs that everyone has heard of—because they’ve entered the common lexicon—but that many people don’t fully understand. Another example of this is a Blockchain developer. You have probably heard of them, but could you explain what they do day-to-day?

    Design, Product Design, UI Design, User Centered Design, User Experience, User Interface, UX Design, UX/UI read more
  • 4 Feb 2020

    Progressive Web Apps: When and Why You Should Use Them

    Senior Developer

    A few years ago, the concept of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) was born. This new development allowed the web to do things that were previously limited to native apps, like working offline, sending push notifications, or being installed to the home screen. These advances have simplified the process of cross-platform development while still allowing for the production of robust apps.

    Development, Strategy, Progressive Web Apps, PWAs read more
  • 3 Feb 2020

    Is Scrum or Kanban Better for Continuous Deployment?

    Developer/Project Manager

    Over the years, software teams have had to learn how to evolve with their changing industry, not only with emerging architectures, technologies, and frameworks, but with newer approaches to development altogether, like Continuous Deployment. In this agile movement that we find ourselves in, the ultimate goal is to minimize the time between the moment we take on a task and the time we release it into the production environment. Continuous Deployment allows teams to release each feature when ready as opposed to grouping them together for a final release, creating a more efficient development process. However, for teams that use Scrum - like Scalable Path - continuous deployment throws some fundamental Scrum concepts (like sprints and retrospectives) into question. It also puts into question whether there are other - more suitable - project management frameworks to use in this context. In this article, we’ll look at whether Continuous Deployment impacts the Scrum process and consider how an alternative project management tool like Kanban may offer solutions to Scrum’s shortcomings.

    Productivity, Project Management, Strategy, Uncategorized, Continuous Deployment, Kanban, Scrum read more
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