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"Daniel’s skills and attitude have been such a great fit for the organization. He immediately felt like part of the team."

Justin Knecht
Executive Director, Product Experience
Luma Institute

"Nacho brings top-notch coding and leadership that allowed us to improve our development processes."

Brian Spitz
CoFounder, StoryFire

"Julian hit the ground running with our Rails app. He's been a solid asset to the team."

Jason van den Brand
CEO, Lenda

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  • 11 Jan 2021

    A Guide to Google’s Recommended Architecture for Android Apps

    Mobile Developer

    Just like all software, Android apps should adhere to common architecture rules and patterns. Android apps that don’t follow the right architecture tend to become unmaintainable through cluttered Activities and Fragments lacking a consistent design or set of behaviors.

    Development, Android, Android Apps, Android Architecture read more
  • 24 Nov 2020

    A Guide to Understanding the 12 Agile Principles

    Agile Practitioner

    It takes a great deal of practice to safely say we are doing Agile on a project, but what if we don’t put enough thought into being Agile? Agile methods often leave room for interpretation and acknowledge that you may have to go off-script. It’s at these times that teams are likely to revert to non-Agile habits - that is unless they truly embrace the ideology that’s behind Agile. By following the 12 Principles of Agile in your projects you’ll be able to keep things on track even when it's not clear what steps you need to take. In this article, we will dissect these 12 principles and explain how employing them can benefit your team, and in doing so, we’ll see the true flexibility and power that Agile can bring to a project. What are the 12 Principles of Agile?

    Development, Project Management, 12 Agile Principles, Agile, Agile Development read more
  • 5 Oct 2020

    How to Write Technical Documentation for Your Next Software Project

    Software Architect

    There are many types of documentation in the software world. Of these types, technical documentation is one of the most frequently neglected. The fast-paced nature of the industry leads to the conception that time spent documenting is time lost developing and delivering features. Over time, a development team’s documentation debt (a type of technical debt) can build to a point where the idea of tackling it becomes daunting. As a project scales and teams experience churn, information can become siloed or even lost. This can then impact the efficiency of the team.

    Project Management, software documentation, software projects, technical documentation read more
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