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"Daniel’s skills and attitude have been such a great fit for the organization. He immediately felt like part of the team."

Justin Knecht
Executive Director, Product Experience
Luma Institute

"Nacho brings top-notch coding and leadership that allowed us to improve our development processes."

Brian Spitz
CoFounder, StoryFire

"Julian hit the ground running with our Rails app. He's been a solid asset to the team."

Jason van den Brand
CEO, Lenda

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  • 16 Jul 2020

    TypeScript or Flow: Which is Better Suited for Your Next Project?

    Senior Developer

    As JavaScript projects become more complex, new tools and practices arise to improve code quality and workflows. In addition to unit testing, static type checkers such as TypeScript and Flow are becoming the norm among professional development teams. Regardless of project size, the benefits of making code more comprehensible while also catching errors during the development phase have proved invaluable. As a result, the question being asked by many is: which tool should I use, Flow or TypeScript? For the context of this article, we’ll be focusing on and using examples with respect to React (given its current popularity), but the analysis will be relevant regardless of what framework you may be using.

    Development, Project Management, Strategy, Flow, Javascript, React Native, Type Checkers, TypeScript read more
  • 30 Jun 2020

    Using Quill.js To Build A WYSIWYG Editor For Your Website

    Senior Developer

    Remember how basic the Facebook status update used to be?

    Development, Frontend, HTML Editor, Quill.js, Software Evaluation, WYSIWYG read more
  • 9 Jun 2020

    Hiring Talent Is the First Step: Now It’s Time to Lead

    Product Owner

    We all know that it’s hard to find good people, but hiring talent is only one aspect of what it takes to form a successful team. The world of software development is populated by many passionate and knowledgeable individuals; however, such ability is not always accompanied by the strongest of interpersonal skills. Rockstar developers may have the ability to be productive when working individually on programming tasks, but on larger, collaborative projects, technical skill isn’t everything. At the same time, not every developer you hire will be a rockstar, and it’s sometimes necessary to build technical competency from within.

    Hiring, Productivity, Project Management, Remote Work, Strategy, Hiring Talent, Leadership, Software Teams, Team Building, Team Lead read more
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