Thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing, a good design will enhance usability. Put another way, good design doesn't distract users from what they are trying to do. We believe the end user's needs, not the back-end architecture, should dictate your websites's interfaces. Naturally, our freelance designers will also ensure your brand remains strong and consistent throughout your project.

Perhaps Steve Jobs said it best, "design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

Focus on what matters

By understanding the needs of your users, we focus on achieving the goals that are important to them. Keeping interfaces clean and simple helps to ensure that functionality isn’t overtaken by frivolous design elements. The question "Is this really needed?" pops up often throughout the process. It’s a reminder that less is more in many cases.

Visual cues lead the way

A user should always know the status of her actions. Indicators such as rollovers, tool tips, and feedback messages are a few methods that help achieve this. When it comes to long forms where lots of info is needed by the user, breaking it down into steps keeps the user from getting overwhelmed. A multi-step wizard that allows saving is a good remedy to keep this process manageable.

Test, test, test

We strongly encourage usability testing. Getting your web app in front of real users early on will help identify issues before they are fully integrated into your project. We are familiar with the latest and greatest tools and can help you perform meaningful tests quickly and cost-effectively.