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Science and Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut
2005 - 2009

Magnet high school specializing in science and technology. I attended the high school's web design program. While it was called design, it focused on web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and touched on some other technologies. During my time at the school, we were tasked to rebuild the school district's web presence, both internally and externally viewed. We created sites for teachers, departments, athletic programs, after school programs, individual schools, and more. I met the credit requirements for graduation at the end of my junior year, and as such, I was able to start college a year early, in what would have been my senior year of high school.

Three Rivers Community College
2008 - 2010

While enrolled at TRCC, I was in the computer science/ computer programming program, continuing my high school path of web development. I had taken courses for Computer Networking, Server Administration, Web development, and basic programming.

Connecticut College

While attending Connecticut College, I took courses in computer science and programming.