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Freelance UX/UI designer in New York. Himanshu is a digital nerd with the mind of a Himalayan yogi. “Start where you are, with what you have. Make something of it and never be satisfied.” — George Washington Carver This mantra has enabled him to redefine the perception, integration, and consumption of digital media for large brands as diverse as Nikon, Samsung, Verizon, Lincoln, American Express, Travelers, Delta, GE, Heineken, IBM, Kraft, Deutsche Bank, Revlon, Sirius, and more. Blessed with a great sense of design, a supernatural ability to bend Adobe softwares at will, and a belief that the best solutions are those that are both simple and powerful, Himanshu has created a portfolio of beautiful digital experiences that are easy to use and always engage the user. Himanshu’s mailbox is always open if you would like to work together, or just have something interesting to say. He is on a pursuit to find New York’s best Chai. So if you’ve had a decent cup, don’t forget to share!



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