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At my core, I truly enjoy the entire design process from ideation down to research, on into flows and wireframes that inform the overall visual design heavily. I’m equally comfortable creating user flows as I am refining those last few pixels before something ships. I have the ability to dissect complex problems and rework them into simple solutions that make the most of the user’s valuable time spent within the business’ ecosystem. In my current role I have juggled the duties of both UI design and marketing design as needed, switching between creating onsite banners one minute and mobile UI designs and prototypes the next. I’m well versed in the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as Sketch and InVision. I have six years of experience in design roles, with over four of those spent in web based e-commerce companies. I also worked as part of a team within my current company on UI-based projects which ultimately increased conversion in desktop traffic and doubled conversion in mobile traffic. Interpreting the requirements of any project and turning them into visuals is what I do best, and if something was lost in translation, I'm quick to iterate and update as needed.



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