America/Sao Paulo


Top areas of expertise


Top Three Areas of Expertise

1 Java
2 JavaScript

Specific Skills

5 = Master, 4 = Expert, 3 = Proficient, 2 = Familiar, 1 = Beginner

Other Skills

My main skills are related to Java technologies and web development, such as: • Core Java 8 (streams and lambdas), Multi-Threading; • Agile: TDD, Scrum, XP, Pair Programming, continuous integration, code review; • Strong OO concepts, design patterns; • Java related frameworks/tools/technologies: Spring, Hibernate, Axis, JSF, Struts, Maven, Selenium, Junit, Ibatis, Stripes, Google Proto-buf, Restlet, Simple Framework, Amazon AWS, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), InteliJ IDEA, Eclipse IDE, JBoss Developer Studio and IBM Rational Software Development Platform (RAD); • Web related technologies: RESTful and SO, XML, AJAX, CSS, Html, Jquery and JavaScript; • Applications Servers: Jboss Application Server, JBoss Portal Platform, Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere App Server (WAS), Bea Weblogic and OC4J; • Databases: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Apache Cassandra (NoSQL), Amazon DynamoDB (NoSQL), PostgreSQL and LDAP; • Other languages: SQL and PL/SQL and low exposure to PHP and Perl; • Proficiency in working with