client FAQ

Answers to questions about how Scalable Path engages with clients.

How Scalable Path Works

  1. What is Scalable Path?

    Scalable Path is a marketplace that connects a network of expert developers, designers, marketers and project leaders with you: the client. Our job is to ensure that you are matched with the most suitable technical talent to give your project the highest chance of success.

  2. So what makes Scalable Path different?

    We’re more of a “white glove” matching service than a traditional marketplace. To start with, we speak with every client first to make sure we understand their needs. Every freelancer in our network is then carefully vetted to ensure they are among the best in their field. Our thorough screening process, culminating with a phone interview, validates the skills of each applicant and ensures that we propose candidates who are strongly relevant to your needs.

    Our Project Leaders hand select the most appropriate candidates for your project, so you don’t have to. Freelancers are selected based on their experience, personality and location. Finally, you can choose to have your Certified Scrum Master (CSM) team leaders manage your project - saving you time and increasing productivity.

    We do all this at a surprisingly low cost by combining the best freelancers from regions like Latin America with our U.S based team leaders.

    Every Scalable Path project is run through Tempo, our internal platform that handles staffing, hours tracking, invoicing and even project management (if you don’t already have your own issue tracker).

    Like we said, we’re much more than a freelancer marketplace.

  3. What type of Projects can I hire Scalable Path for?

    The Scalable Path network consists of experts in Strategy, Design, Development and Marketing. We currently work with over 2,000 freelancers and project leaders across the globe.

  4. What happens if I’m not happy?

    The vast majority of our projects run smoothly, but occasionally things go wrong. Our goal is to make sure you come out of the experience satisfied.

    To start with, we have implemented our Freelancer Satisfaction Guarantee. We will let you try a freelancer for up to 20 hours. If you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay a cent. It’s as simple as that. You are also welcome to swap out any freelancer working on your project. No hard feelings.

    If issues arise later in a project, we will step in to mediate the situation and seek a fair resolution for all parties. Very few projects require this step because our Project Leaders are always on hand to assist and successfully guide your project to completion.

  5. How much do you charge?

    We work with the best freelancers in regions like Latin America and Asia. This keeps our rates low while ensuring teams and clients remain in the same time zones - which is key for successful collaboration.

    Rates vary per freelancer, but typically range between $40 - $65 USD/hour. Our U.S. based project leaders, who manage teams and projects, have higher rates.

    That’s it! There are no hidden or extra fees. You only pay for the hours worked by the team members you select. .

Starting a Project

  1. How do I start a project?

    We believe in a hands on approach, so every project starts with a conversation. As soon as we receive your details, one of our project leaders will contact you to find out more about your requirements. We will then work with you to determine a budget, potential candidates and the most suitable team structure.

    To get the ball rolling, visit Hire Top Talent.

  2. Will you help me estimate the cost of my project?

    Yes! Our project leaders will work with you to scope out your project and determine a realistic budget.

    To get the ball rolling, visit Hire Top Talent.

  3. I’ve just sent you my details, now what?

    Hold tight! One of our project leaders will contact you to find out more about your requirements.

Working with Scalable Path Freelancers and Project Leaders

  1. How do I know which freelancer to choose?

    Once we have discussed your project requirements and agreed on a budget, your project leader will put together a shortlist of the most appropriate candidates for your consideration.

    Every candidate that we propose has been thoroughly screened and is one of the best in their field.

  2. Do your freelancers speak English?

    Yes. Each freelancer has undergone a thorough English language skills assessment and a telephone interview. We ensure each freelancer has strong written and spoken English and is able to understand verbal instructions and participate effectively in a conference call.

  3. Where are your freelancers located?

    We’re a truly global network, with freelancers located in over 100 countries. This network depth means we can keep our rates low while ensuring teams and clients remain in the same time zones.

  4. How do you screen your freelancers?

    Each applicant is asked to complete a timed skills and english language proficiency test. We know these are thorough because we wrote them ourselves! Less than 10% of all applicants get through.

    The next stage is a verbal interview, carried out by one of our expert project leaders, where we look for personality and verify the freelancer’s skills and experience. We then reference check each applicant before they’re eligible for work.

    So you can work with Scalable Path confident that each freelancer you work with will be fluent in English and at the top of his field.

  5. What is a project leader?

    Scalable Path project leaders are U.S. based software architects and Certified Scrum Masters (CSMs). A great team needs great leadership and our project leaders provide this. They will put the right candidates, tools and processes in place to make sure your project runs smoothly.

    You can choose to work with freelancers directly or we can provide you with a project leader to manage your team for you.

  6. How do I know the freelancer you provide will get the job done?

    All freelancers in our network are carefully screened to ensure they are among the best in their field. To find out more about our screening process see How do you screen freelancers?.

    Once you start a project with Scalable Path, your project leader will stay involved in the management of your project to ensure it runs smoothly.

  7. Can I hire a Scalable Path freelancer to work with my business full-time?

    In most cases we can arrange this but it depends on quite a few factors. Please contact our support team, or your project leader, for further advice.

  8. Can I bring a Scalable Path freelancer onsite?

    In some cases we can arrange this but it depends on quite a few factors, including the country you and the developer are in, and the laws of those countries. Please contact our support team, or your project leader, for further advice.

Project Protection

  1. How can I ensure that my IP is safe?

    We take your intellectual property issues very seriously. Scalable Path is happy to get a mutual non-disclosure agreement in place. Additionally, IP is never owned by any freelancer but by Scalable Path. IP is transferred to you (the client) when payment for work is received.


  1. How and when will I be charged? What methods of payment do you accept and what do they cost?

    You will be billed at the end of each month for work performed that month. You can login to your account in Tempo to see the hours submitted by freelancers on your project(s).

    Payment is due on receipt of the invoice. We accept payment via check, bank transfer and PayPal. We are in the process of enabling credit card payments and should be able to do this soon (although you can simply fund your PayPal account with a credit card if you like now).

  2. What currency does Scalable Path bill in?

    All our invoices are billed in US dollars and need to be paid in this currency.

  3. How are taxes paid and reported?

    Scalable Path can provide you with a W-9 form so that you do not need to withhold any taxes.

  4. Do I have to pay a deposit?

    If you (the client) can demonstrate that you are an established business, and can pay your invoices, then typically a deposit is not required.