by Andres Canal |
Senior Developer

Why You Should Embrace Continuous Integration

We’ve all been there: you clone a repository, run your project and… nothing happens. Well, nothing but a series of errors; from missing files to compiler warnings. You seek some advice and ask your co-worker: “I just cloned the repo, but nothing seems to work and the readme file is blank. Do you know what’s… [Read entire article]

by Dan Patrick |
Freelance Architect

How to be a Great Product Owner

At Scalable Path we recommend following the Scrum methodology. Improving this process within the development team is something that is frequently thought about, but it’s also important to consider how a client, who often has the key role of the the Product Owner, can play their part more effectively within the team. MEET THE PRODUCT… [Read entire article]

7 Qualities That Differentiate a Great Programmer from a Good Programmer

“The best programmers are up to 28 times better than the worst programmers” – Robert. L. Glass Great developers are rare. Their productivity is 3 times that of an average developer and 10 times that of a bad developer (Reference: The Mythical man month). The top 1% developers in the world don’t just write solid… [Read entire article]